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Katherine Lesperance

Katherine Lesperance

Our clients choose us as their marketing consultant, because we present marketing strategies that make sense for their business. Better yet, we get results.


Marketing for us is a balance of psychology, creativity and most importantly, data. Whether it's running social media campaigns to email, you need to know what motivates and incents your target market and customers before your marketing really works.

With over 10 years of marketing experience in Online Payments, Telecommunications, Tax, Equipment Financing & Leasing and Professional Services industries, Sensible Marketer has worked with international and local businesses to improve their marketing efforts. Based in Calgary, Alberta, Sensible Marketer understands the needs of multinational enterprises who are hungry for market share, down to startups with less than 5 people looking to get their first clients.

Whether it's making sense of the client trends and data you have today, streamlining marketing processes, or using direct marketing to get or keep more clients, Sensible Marketer Inc brings out the best in your brand with intelligence, creativity, and a lot of know how.


Let's talk about your business and see how Sensible Marketer can get you more clients.


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Marketing Consulting | Calgary

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