Marketing For Startups And Small Business To Win Clients

Running your own business has its rewards, but startups and small businesses come with their own set of challenges. 


You need clients, but where do you start?

What should you be paying for your website, logo development, and business cards? 

What's the best marketing tactic to get clients, and quickly? Is it Social Media and SEO?

These are questions we've heard time and time again from entrepreneurs, and there's no easy answer.


Knowing that startups and small businesses need marketing expertise, but can't commit to a large agency budget, Sensible Marketer offers Marketing Coffee Sessions. For $250, spend 2 hours with a seasoned marketer to answer questions about your business, to receive training in a particular area, review marketing materials, or get advice on where to even start. For those 2 hours, we are here to address your needs. Whether it's a one-time event, monthly, or booked as you need it, there's a marketing resource available for you. If you need more than a Marketing Coffee Session, we can create a custom consulting solution that gives you what you need.

How Sensible Marketer Helps You Sell Your Business To Customers

We've worked with startups and small businesses to guide them and even execute their marketing campaigns. The list below are the common areas we help companies with during the startup and growth phase.

For those who don't know where to start. Tell us about your business, and we'll give you guidance on personal selling, your brand, campaigns and goals.

Startup Consultation

Have someone walk you through how to do Facebook ads, help you with your website, understand Google Analytics, help you build a campaign or any other topic you want to learn.

Learn To Do Your Own Marketing

You've written your blog, started your website, are ready to drop a letter to potential clients, but you'd like a second review to edit and apply best-practices for results. 

Marketing Editing

Chat with us for FREE for 1 hour. There's no cost to you, and you can walk away with free advice or a marketing group you trust.

Marketing Consulting | Calgary

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